Our services are aligned towards addressing key challenges facing leadership teams. The set of challenges and issues would vary depending upon the stage of evolution of the organization. Our bouquet of services is aimed to address development as well as execution of business and functional strategies for organizations, particularly SMEs.

Business Audits/Workshops/White Board sessions

These are short duration engagements (one day to 2 weeks). The objectives may be ‘visioning’ exercise, ‘ideation’ and collaborative development of brand blue-print or benchmarking company’s performance with its peer group and identifying key imperatives going forward.

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Growth Roadmap Planning

Managing a business is like riding a bicycle. To keep balance, you have to keep moving forward. Without growth the business wobbles. Customer needs, technology and competitive landscape keep changing. Leadership teams in companies often are faced with the challenge of managing operational exigencies and also setting in motion macro strategies simultaneously.

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Implementation/Program Management

No strategy is of use if it stays in the archives. Effective implementation and course correction wherever required, is the key to generating positive business outcomes.

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Research and Opportunity Assessment

While we undertake research as part of a larger business strategy assignment, we also conduct customized research as a service.

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Valuation/Investor Deck Preparation

Startup teams are passionate about their idea and have requisite skills to develop the product/service pilot. However to scale up the business, and acquire growth capital, it’s imperative to have a pitch and presentation that showcases the idea effectively, details the business and operational plans and the potential returns, with sufficient research backup.

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