Business Audits/Workshops/White Board sessions

These are short duration engagements (one day to 2 weeks). The objectives may be ‘visioning’ exercise, ‘ideation’ and collaborative development of brand blue-print or benchmarking company’s performance with its peer group and identifying key imperatives going forward.

These engagements are in the form of
  • Workshops for ideation, collaborative brand blue-print creation
  • Business Audit

Our Business Audit process (carried out through Stratfactor Compass methodology) is akin to a master health check-up, an important element in an individual’s annual calendar today.
An accelerated pace engagement, the process involves gathering and analysing a wide range of information about the industry/sub-industry; Operational and financial information pertaining to the performance of the particular company vis a vis its peer set on all relevant parameters for the industry (The parameter set, cost structure components will be different for each industry/segment).

Output of the Process
  • Industry/Sub-Industry Outlook
  • Performance Benchmarking of the company vis a vis its peer group
  • Key Priorities/Action areas
Our clients have liked this methodology, as it quickly helps set and drive key imperatives for the company.

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