We love to work and always go the extra mile to create significant value for our clients. Key elements of our work approach are :

Ear to the ground

At Stratfactor, there is no arm-chair consulting. Our approach involves closely listening to all stakeholders around the business – consumers, channel/reseller network, competition, suppliers. There is no substitute to primary research. We follow a ‘fact based’ approach which combines inputs from multiple disciplines that enable us to create and implement robust strategies for businesses.

Rigour ingrained

We won’t gloss over anything, we get to the root of critical problems. The rigour in our approach matches that of top tier consulting firms. The team comes with substantial operational experience and we take pride in our ability to quickly understand nuances of any business.

Multi-functional approach

We combine expertise in multiple domains and functions to craft holistic solution to business challenges faced by our clients.

Collaborative approach

Our approach towards developing solutions is truly collaborative. This approach incorporates a wider range of inputs, leading to more robust solution. It also fosters a greater sense of ‘ownership’ within the client organization, eventually leading to better outcome

Implementation Orientation

‘Results’ are important, not just ‘Reports’. We bring strong program management skills and a network of partnerships to help implement.

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